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All-in-one EPOS Systems For Hospitality Industry

Our all-in-one next-gen restaurant POS system is designed with a sleek, modern design that includes the latest in technology and restaurant-specific functionalities, making it one of the best EPOS systems in the UK.


All-in-one terminal

Streamline your operations easily

Works offline

Keep your systems running without internet

Split the bill

Enable flexible and hassle-free payments

Integrated payments

Enjoy secure and efficient transactions

Order Management

Get end-to-end control of your orders

User-friendly menu

Offer simple & easy-to-use menu layout

Customisable configurations

Optimise according to your specific needs

Continuous ongoing support

Get expert help at any time


  • All-in-one design
  • Built-in 80mm SEIKO receipt printer
  • 15″ HD IPS touch display
  • 15″ HD IPS customer-facing display
  • High-performance Octa-Core processor
Our restaurant EPOS system is not just another EPOS system—it has been developed in partnership with restaurants to address restaurant-specific functionalities. Our software is easy to use, with an intuitive layout that can be learned by your staff in just 10 minutes.
The software includes features such as:
  • Split payments facilities (item-based or equal split)
  • Direct integration with card payment terminals
  • Customisable end-of-day shift report (Z report)
  • Staff training mode to train your staff without affecting daily sales values
  • Quick payment options to accept payments quickly during busy times
  • Manage users with multiple access levels



Our EPOS systems are built to suit your business with multiple modes to choose from:
  • Quick payment mode to cater to walk-in takeaway customers
  • Remote service mode for telephone collection or delivery orders
  • Restaurant mode for seat-in dining orders
  • Online mode for online and mobile app orders
The restaurant mode of our EPOS system includes features such as:
  • Quick access to tables
  • Table status indicator with courses and times
  • Table allocation overview
  • Future table order (to hold orders before a table is ready)
  • Move orders among tables
  • Courses management



The order management facility of our EPOS system enables you to:
  • Manage walk-in, collection, and delivery orders
  • Allocate orders to delivery drivers
  • Set order due times for kitchen staff
  • Record and store customer details based on orders (caller-ID integration included to match the caller with stored customer details)
The kitchen printing management facility offers several features including:
  • An advanced mapping system that allows each item to be sent to one or more printers or displays
  • Connectivity of multiple kitchen stations with printers or displays.
  • Flexibility to mix and match different printers or displays to print either order tickets, order item tickets, or order item stickers (different selected options in a single item can be sent to different printers)

Kitchen printing

menu items

Our EPOS systems can have multiple menus such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeaway, etc. You can:
  • Easily customise items when adding to the order
  • Set spicy levels to match customer preferences
  • Select salad and sauces
  • Make-it-a-meal options
  • Build-your-own options
  • Select or deselect options

Customisable configurations to meet your needs

  • Seamless integration with all Presto Express products
  • An order placed on one EPOS terminal will get synced in real-time with all other EPOS terminals. The order will be instantly printed on all assigned printers and displayed on all assigned kitchen displays. If you use a collection display, the order number will appear on the “preparing” side of the display. With this seamless integration, you can mix and match any of our devices to align your system to suit your business.

  • Flexible usage for both takeout and dine-in scenarios
  • Presto Express EPOS terminals can be configured to work in multiple modes to suit your business. Our systems are versatile and can adapt to your business’s changing needs.

  • Continuous ongoing support from our team
  • At Presto Express, our team will be with you every step of the way. We will set up the entire menu, add images, configure the brand, and get your devices ready to run. We will also provide ongoing support to ensure your system is always operating at its best.

  • State-of-the-art serverless technology
  • All Presto Express products utilise cutting-edge serverless technology. Your orders will not rely on a central server, ensuring there are no single points of failure. You can have peace of mind that everything will always run smoothly, even in the event of an outage.

  • Upsell via customisable options
  • With our next-gen EPOS software, you can add any number of upselling and customisable options with images to any of your items on the menu easily. This feature allows you to improve your average order value and ultimately your bottom line.

  • Works offline
  • All our products work offline as they communicate via the local network. This ensures that you can run your business smoothly even if your internet goes down without worrying about losing orders or important data.

    We recognise that every business has unique needs, and we provide various solutions to facilitate smoother service, ordering and management.

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