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Food Hygiene Check (Kicheck)

Are you concerned about food hygiene in your restaurant? Do you want to ensure that you always maintain a five-star food rating? Look no further than Kicheck by Presto Express.


Legal compliance check

Ensure compliance with food safety regulations

Procedural accuracy

Ensure correct food safety procedures

Centralised monitoring

Monitor food hygiene from one location

Integrated tracking system

Seamlessly track cleaning schedules, checklists, and records

Our Kicheck restaurant management software helps you to manage food hygiene efficiently and effectively. Kicheck ensures that your kitchen meets HACCP standards, which is essential for food businesses to demonstrate their compliance with food safety legislation. Our system helps to prevent cross-contamination, maintain food temperatures, and ensure the correct procedures are followed for food handling and storage.
Kicheck also allows you to track your food hygiene rating and make necessary improvements. The Food Standards Agency awards food businesses with a hygiene rating of 0-5, with five stars indicating excellent standards. Kicheck ensures that your restaurant is always on track to achieve and maintain a five-star rating.
Our software is easy to use and allows you to monitor the food hygiene of your restaurant from one central location. With Kicheck, you can easily track cleaning schedules, checklists, and record-keeping to make sure that all hygiene standards are met.
Investing in Kicheck by Presto Express will give you peace of mind that your restaurant meets all the necessary food hygiene regulations. Start using Kicheck today to streamline your restaurant food hygiene management and maintain a five-star rating for your business.

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