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Kitchen Printing Solutions for Restaurants

Efficient kitchen printing can greatly contribute towards the success of a restaurant. The right printing system ensures orders are sent to the kitchen swiftly and accurately, resulting in happy customers and a smoothly run operation. At Presto Express, we offer a range of printing solutions to meet the unique needs of your restaurant.


Integrated printing solution

Connect the kitchen operations to the printing station

Multi-station connectivity

Connect kitchen stations seamlessly

Error reduction

Reduce errors and save time

Automatic order routing

Automatically route incoming orders

Real-time printing

Save time using real-time printing with language customisation

Flexible printing options

Choose thermal or non-thermal printing

Multiple KOT management

Efficiently manage multiple KOTs

Streamlined operations

Streamline kitchen operations for enhanced efficiency

Sticker label

Our sticker label printing solution is perfect for restaurants with high-volume output or businesses that use thermal printers for printing. This solution allows for the efficient printing of order labels with complete order details, reducing the time and errors associated with handwriting orders.
Our single thermal printer solution is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for small restaurants. This printer prints individual orders, which can be easily collected by kitchen staff. With a small footprint, this printer is perfect for kitchens with limited space.

Single thermal

Advanced kitchen printing system with multiple printers

For large restaurants with multiple kitchens or serving areas, our advanced kitchen printing system is the ideal solution. This system is designed to handle a high volume of orders and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

It allows for the seamless printing of orders to multiple printers and displays, ensuring all kitchen staff have access to the information they need to prepare orders quickly and accurately.
Our kitchen printing solutions are specifically designed for use in the restaurant industry. With features such as automatic order routing, real-time printing, and customisation options, our solutions are perfect for restaurants of all sizes.

Whether you operate a small café or a large restaurant, our kitchen printing solutions can help streamline your operation and improve the customer experience.

Applications for

At Presto Express, we offer multiple printing solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen printing solutions and how they can benefit your restaurant.

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