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Back-Office Portal for Streamlining Your Restaurant Operations

The Back-Office Management Portal is a comprehensive solution for managing your restaurant operations in one place. With the back-office portal integrated with our restaurant management software, you can easily manage your staff, inventory, and menu across multiple locations, all with the convenience of a single login.


Data-driven insights

Gain insightful analytical reports on restaurant performance

Efficient staff management

Streamline staff management for enhanced operations

Value-added services

Get optional additional services for enhanced management

Transparent transactions

Increase transaction accuracy with transparency and monitoring

Secure remote access

Safely access the backend from anywhere

Multi-branch management

Efficiently manage multiple branches

Multiple platform management

Manage multiple platforms easily and efficiently

Menu management

Manage restaurant menus anytime with a single login


Our Back-Office Management Portal provides analytical reports that can help you make informed decisions for your business. From tracking your most and least selling items to monitoring your stock and waste, the Portal makes it easy to stay on top of your restaurant’s performance. With our sales comparison and selected time period reports, you can identify trends and make informed decisions for your business.
Managing your staff has never been easier with the Presto Express Back-Office Portal. You can create and manage employee schedules, track employee hours, and manage staff performance all from one place.


Optional value-added services

Our optional value-added services offer you additional functionality to manage your restaurant with ease. Choose from a range of optional services such as order management, online ordering, and loyalty programs to help your restaurant stand out from the competition.
With the Back-Office Management Portal, you can monitor transactions in real time and gain full transparency of all transactions at your restaurant. You can also set up role-based permissions for your employees to help maintain the integrity of your data.

Transparency of

Secure access from

Access your back-office portal from anywhere with our cloud-based system. You can easily access your restaurant management tools on any device with an internet connection, whether you’re on a laptop or a smartphone.
Easily manage your restaurant menu from anywhere with the Back-Office Management Portal. You can add or remove items, update prices, and customise your menu to meet your restaurant’s changing needs.

Manage your restaurant menu anytime

Multiple branch

If you have multiple branches, our back-office portal makes it easy to manage them all from one place. You can manage staff, inventory, and menu items across all of your locations in one convenient location.
With the Back-Office Management Portal, you can manage multiple platforms, such as Eat Presto, all from one location. Our back-office portal is designed to simplify your restaurant management, making it easier to run your business on your terms.
Take your restaurant management to the next level with the Back-Office Management Portal. Try it out today and experience the benefits of streamlined restaurant management.

Manage multiple

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