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Handheld Order Taking
For Hospitality

All-in-One Order-Taking Handheld POS Terminals can have numerous applications for restaurants. These handheld terminals allow servers to take orders tableside, process payments, and transmit orders directly to the kitchen, improving the efficiency and accuracy of service.


Quick access to all EPOS features

Access all functions quickly and easily

Built-in printer

Easy management with a built-in printer

Multitouch display

Smooth and effortless operation with a touch display

Convenient payment methods

Simplify splitting bills and accepting payments tableside

Mobile-first design

Mobile-friendly interface for convenience

End-to-end order management

Get visibility and control of all stages of orders

Easy table management option

Streamline table management for efficient service

Connectivity to multiple kitchen stations

Communicate efficiently across multiple kitchen stations


  • All-in-one design
  • Built-in thermal receipt printer
  • HD+ Capacitive multitouch display
  • Optional USB charging dock
  • High-performance Quad-Core processor
  • Beyond an ordinary restaurant order system
  • Developed in partnership with restaurants for tailored functionality
  • All EPOS functions at your fingertips with an intuitive user interface
  • Staff training takes just 10 minutes thanks to the user-friendly design
  • Split payments made simple with item-based or equal split options
  • Manage multiple users with varying levels of access


Mobile First
Layout Design

  • Access to all EPOS and order-taking functions easily
  • Same intuitive buttons and layout from the full-sized EPOS
  • Easy-to-use big buttons filling up a small screen for quick access
  • Quickly access the basket with gestures
  • Quick table access
  • Table status indicator for an overview of each table’s status
  • Table allocation overview
  • Future table order (to hold orders for future tables)
  • Flexible order movement between tables to accommodate changes
  • Efficient course management



  • Complete end-to-end order management
  • New table orders when customers are seated
  • Ability to take orders directly at the table, customise items, add extra instructions
  • Transmission of orders to the kitchen
  • Ability to call mains and desserts without going to the kitchen or to the till
  • Receipt printing directly from the terminal
  • Ability to accept payments and close orders directly at the table
  • Advanced mapping to send each item to one or more printers or displays
  • Connectivity to multiple kitchen stations with printers or displays
  • Flexibility to mix and match different printers or displays to print either order tickets, order item tickets, or order item stickers
  • Ability to send different selected options in a single item to different printers

Kitchen Printing

Menu Items

  • Multiple menus such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeaway, etc.
  • Easy customisation of items when adding to the order
  • Adjustable spicy levels to match customer preference
  • Ability to select salads and sauces
  • Make-it-a-meal options
  • Build-your-own options
  • Half-and-half options
  • Select or deselect options

Powerful EPOS functions at your fingertips

  • Seamlessly integrates with all Presto Express products
  • Orders placed in one EPOS will be synced with all other EPOS handheld terminals in real time. Furthermore, our handheld Android POS terminal will instantly print on all allocated printers and appear in all allocated kitchen displays. If you have a collection display, the order number will pop up on the preparing side of the collection display. With this seamless integration, you can mix and match any of our devices to suit your needs.

  • For both takeout and dine-in scenarios
  • Presto Express handheld EPOS handheld Android POS terminal can be configured to work in multiple modes to suit your business.

  • Continuous support from our team
  • Our team at Presto Express will always be there as a part of your business from day one onwards. We will set up the entire menu, add images, configure the brand, and get the devices to you ready to run.

  • State-of-the-art serverless technology
  • All Presto Express handheld POS terminals use state-of-the-art serverless technology where all your orders will not rely on a central server. So, there will be no single point of failure, and you can have peace of mind that everything will always be running smoothly.

  • Upsell via customisable options
  • With our next-generation EPOS software, you can easily add a variety of upselling and customisable options with images to any item on your menu. This is an excellent way to increase sales and encourage customers to try new items.

  • Works offline
  • Our products work offline and communicate via the local network, which ensures that you can continue running your business smoothly even if your internet goes down. This feature provides peace of mind and eliminates any potential issues caused by network outages.

    At Presto Express, we understand that every business is unique, and we offer different solutions to make service, ordering, and management more comfortable for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your restaurant grow and thrive.

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