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QR Code Ordering System for Restaurants

In today’s fast-paced world, the restaurant industry is evolving quickly, with new trends emerging every day. In response to this change, we have developed our QR code ordering system to meet the needs of modern-day restaurant owners and their customers.


Receive orders with ease

Get seamless orders using tablets

Quick-scan ordering

Customers can order using a QR code

Networked with EPOS

Seamless synchronisation with EPOS

Effortless mobile payments

Receive payments directly from customers’ phones

Staff-free ordering

Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of orders

Error-free orders

Increase order accuracy with no more staff errors

Personalised upselling options

Customise upselling options to enhance customer experience

Grow your customer database

Build your customer database with ease

QR Code
for Dine-In

  • Our QR code food ordering system provides customers with more flexibility and control over their food ordering experience. With this system, customers can simply scan the QR code at the table and instantly access the restaurant’s menu on their smartphones.
  • This innovative approach offers many benefits, including reducing the need for staff and avoiding mistakes in order processing. Customers can also make online payments through our system’s integration with the EPOS system, further streamlining the ordering process. By providing more information about the menu, our QR code ordering system ensures that customers can make informed choices about their food and any special offers available.
  • Our restaurant application provides a powerful and user-friendly QR Code ordering system in the UK for customers who prefer to order remotely. The QR code links directly to this online ordering system, allowing customers to browse the menu, select their meals, and make payments online.
  • The restaurant QR Code food ordering system allows customers to place their orders anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient solution for busy customers on the go. By offering this service, restaurants can cater to the needs of their customers while increasing revenue and reducing the workload on their staff.
  • Our QR code ordering system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. By implementing this innovative solution, restaurant owners can enhance their business, streamline their operations, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

QR Code for
Online Ordering

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your restaurant orders, look no further than Presto Express QR code ordering system and restaurant application.

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