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Refund and Return Policy

Please read all these return and refund terms

As we can accept your order and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these return and refund terms to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with. If you are not sure about anything, just phone us on +44 (0) 114 312 3112.

Section 1: Refund policy and return of the Products

  1. Some Products, as set out below, are strictly non-refundable and are excluded from the Refund policy.
  2. For those Products which are not excluded, the complaints procedure in section 2 must be followed. No return or refund shall be issued by Presto express unless the complaints procedure is followed.
  3. Return of physical hardware goods will only be accepted if the complaint procedure in section 2 was initiated within seven days after the hardware has been shipped to the customer.
  4. The Software licence fee is strictly non-refundable.
  5. Presto express Systems and Software sales are excluded from the standard returns policy due to the considerable costs in configuration, personalisation, training, and dispatch. These items are strictly non-refundable.
  6. Any money paid to third parties for any modifications made to the Software at the Customer’s request shall also not be refunded to the Customer.
  7. Any returned Products should be packed in the original packaging, with all boxes, leads, discs, adaptors, and manuals. Presto Express reserves the right to charge for any damage caused in transit due to poor packaging.
  8. Presto express shall not process a return where any of the following apply:
    • Paragraph 7 of Section 1 has not been complied with (requirement for original packaging etc);
    • The products being returned were shipped more than seven days ago;
    • Customer or staff training needs, i.e. where the Customer is not using the System properly due to a lack of understanding;
    • The Customer’s problem arises through not properly researching or qualifying the purchase or the Customer’s concern is that functions work differently to other products available in the market;
    • There are incompatibility issues with third-party items/systems;
    • Products that have been configured, personalized and used or which contain bespoke or custom equipment, or Products which have been personalized by the Customer;
    • Products that were part of a large commercial order;
    • The Customer closes down the business or where the Product is surplus to requirements after delivery;
    • Operational problems that arise from the Customer’s internet connection / local network or other environment problems that are out of Presto express’s control;
    • The Product has been misused or accidentally damaged after delivery;
    • The Customer or a third party has tried to open or tamper with the Hardware in some way;
    • If the product was sold as faulty via Presto express’s auctions or clearance or was clearly sold on the basis it was not new;
  9. Presto express shall assess the return request by using the following process:
    • Presto express shall use reasonable endeavours to understand why the Customer feels the Product is ‘unfit for purpose’ and attempt to resolve any issues when highlighted by the Customer via remote desktop;
    • Presto express may attend the Customer’s business premises if the situation cannot be resolved remotely to perform a site survey and on-site training or repair. This may be subject to a charge; and
    • Once the issue is identified, Presto express must be given reasonable time to resolve the issue (and with the Customer’s assistance (where applicable) to do so).
  10. The Customer is responsible for the delivery of the Products back to Presto express at the Customer’s expense, and only after the Products have been checked by an engineer of Presto express, shall any payment be agreed upon and released. Reasonable return costs (at the cheapest available rate) shall be refunded by Presto express where a fault is identified.
  11. Refunds shall only be made after reasonable endeavours have been made by Presto express to resolve the issue.
  12. In the event of a return, refunds, credit notes and exchanges can only be made to the card account or business/person that made the order originally, and these shall be processed within 28 days of the item’s return to Presto express.
  13. For any payments made through a finance company, Presto express is only able to refund any amounts due via the finance company’s instruction in writing.
  14. Any amounts paid for on-site installations, product imports, support payments, postage, module integrations and repair and labour cost are non-refundable.
  15. Any products which were returned without contacting us with a clear statement of cancellation or complaints in writing will not be accepted or processed. To avoid any misunderstanding, any form of cancellation should be requested by email or letter and requests by telephone will not be accepted.
  16. We cannot accept cancellation of the contract by telephone and will ALWAYS request that confirm cancellation by email or letter.
  17. For the return of any physical hardware goods, a unique returns number should be requested prior to returning. Once requested, Presto Express will provide clear return instructions with a unique returns number and confirm the terms and conditions under which the return is being accepted.

Section 2: Complaints Procedure

  1. Presto express endeavours to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their purchase, however, where problems arise the Customer commits to following the complaints procedure in this clause.
  2. If the Customer is not entirely satisfied with the Products and/or Services, its first action should be to contact the Presto express support team. Contact details are available at www.prestoexpress.co.uk or Telephone: 0114 312 3112.
  3. If the issue has not been satisfactorily resolved, the Customer should then make a written complaint by email to
  4. Written complaints should include full details of the situation and the nature of the Customer’s complaint. Additionally, the Customer should ensure that it provides the best contact details to reach them on.
  5. Presto express shall respond to the initial written complaint within two working days, confirming that Presto express has received the Customer’s complaint and advising the Customer of which Presto express manager shall be managing the resolution.
  6. The assigned manager shall endeavour to resolve the Customer’s complaint as quickly as possible, working with the Customer to understand all aspects and come up with a proposed resolution where a fault is identified.
  7. Once the proposed resolution is understood, the assigned manager shall write to the Customer documenting the resolution and rationale behind the decision.
  8. Should the Customer still not be happy with the resolution provided, the Customer should contact the assigned manager and notify them that it wishes to escalate the complaint further. No claim shall be valid unless the Customer firstly follows the above process.
  9. All sales are bound by the terms of this Agreement and Presto express asks that the Customer reads the full Agreement before raising a complaint. Please note that this is a business-to-business transaction and is therefore to the full extent permitted is not governed by consumer laws.

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